Thanks so much for visiting Crane and Crow Gallery.  We hope you have a wonderful time pouring through all the beautiful artworks that we have selected for you, and we encourage you to visit our brick and mortar store in Scottsdale when you are in the neighborhood. 

We are Kathi Ouellet (Managing Director of River Trading Post for over 22 years) and Tamara Jacoubowsky (Sales Director at River Trading Post for over 5 years) creators and owners of Crane and Crow Gallery in Scottsdale. We strive to bring you the best and most affordable art, from east to west, that will bring joy to your home or office.  

Although our specialty has been American Indian Art, we've expanded our selection to include art from many different cultures, by artists who work in a variety of mediums.  We did this because this is how our respective homes are decorated, and we think it all works together.  Regardless of how your home or office is decorated, we think you will find something to your liking. 

Kathi and Tamara