Hi.  I'm Furgus. I'm a Mini Bernedoodle which is a cross between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Because I'm a mini, I'm as big as I'm going to get, which is about 23 pounds on a good day.  

My mom named me Furgus because Bernedoodles don't have any fur, they have hair.  She thought all dogs should have some fur, so she gave me some as part of my name.  Many people think she mis-spelled my name, but she was just being a goof.   

By the way, I don't shed, but I do have to go to the spa for a bath and a haircut about every six weeks.  Since I am part Bernese Mountain Dog, I love to dig in the mud and roll around in whatever smelly thing happens to be around, so my mom has to bathe me quite frequently.  I like going to the spa and getting a bath, but I really don't like it when they cut my nails or cut the hair between my toes.  I fight like h-e-double toothpicks, but they somehow always get it done. 

My mom chose my breed because my cousin came in with a customer one day and she (my cousin, not the customer) was really mellow as well as cute.  She found out that I would be a small dog and I wouldn't shed.   

Mom wants me to work in the shop and keep her company, but I like playing with my friends a whole lot better, so if she brings me, I just whine a lot.  She gets frustrated and gives in by taking me to daycare where I can play and wrestle with my buds.  HA! 

My mom has trained me really well, and we work really hard to learn new things.  Everybody thinks I'm really smart--and I am--but what most people don't know is, if I don't want to do something I just play dumb. Isn't that smart? 

Because I'm growing up a little, my mom has given me more responsibility at the shop.  Just the other day, I suggested that they hold some flash sales to get us through the summer.  Summer is really, really hot in Arizona, and since nobody wants to walk around, we don't have many customers.  That means I don't get as many treats!  My mom took a picture of me explaining my concept. Heh!  Aren't I cute?